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To clean marble use Fila floor cleaner. 


If Fila floor cleaner is not available then use a soft moist cloth for cleaning on a daily basis. Mild detergents can be used to clean the surface of the marble when it appears too dusty. This will instantly give it a glow which will last with regular cleaning. Although Makrana marble doesn’t stain very easily, still Spills (gravies, milk, coffee etc) should be immediately cleaned up with a moist cloth. 


For polishing the surface, regular car wax can be used. The instructions are as follows: – 


  • Take car wax little in your hand and Place it on the table surface. 
  • Take a soft muslin cloth and twist it into a bun. 
  • Gently rub the wax onto the surface of the marble in circular motion. 
  • Continue rubbing for 15 minutes or until the surface is evenly polished.

Polishing the marble table every 6 months in case of regular use (example dinner table) and once a year in case of irregular use (e.g. side table, coffee table) will ensure that the surface remains smooth.

While it can take rough use, it should however be handled with care.

Even though marble is a very durable stone, it still needs to be protected from certain household items to retain its pure whiteness e.g. harsh detergents, acids, paint etc. The protective finish we provide can prevent damage from general household food materials and products but regular polishing is advised for further protection.

Marble statues of animals and humans have long since decorated the many palace gardens of European palaces. Buildings such as The Taj Mahal and The Leaning Tower of Pisa have withstood the test of time. Thus, marble is a weather resistant stone and can be used outdoors. Marble tables with semi-precious stones should however be protected from direct rain and sunshine. They are an ideal garden furniture under the garden umbrella. Always place a sheet of glass on the marble table surface. It will protect the marble better.

The color may turn slightly yellow overtime which is perfectly natural for any kind of white marble whether kept indoors or outside. Yellowing is a property of the marble but Makrana marble resists yellowing much longer than other types. 

The stones used as inlays are delicate by nature. Hence, rough use, excess heat or abrasive liquids can at rare times lead to popping out of the stones. You can use epoxy in these cases and set the stones back in their place. 

We ship exclusively through reputed courier partners DHL and FedEx normally it takes approx 10 days to deliver the parcels to your door step. In the event that the courier partner is unable to deliver in your area, we will ship your items via India Post. We are unable to ship to a PO Box address. Some parcel which are very big in size are delivered by sea cargo up to nearest seaport which takes 6 to 8 weeks time. The delivery is very safe as we are packing the items properly & for all risk all the parcels are fully insured. 

Note: Please note we cannot be held accountable for delays in Customs clearance. The customer has to pay the additional taxes and duties (to customs) when clearing the merchandise from customs according to the norms of their respective countries.

For more information read Shipping Policy.

Once we receive the order, we will inform you via e-mail about the progress of the delivery. We will notify you as soon as your shipment reaches the required port mentioned by you in the order.

In case of seaport shipment: – 4 weeks- 10 weeks.

In case of air: – 10 – 15 days.

Yes, the product is 100% insured.

Your product is insured till your doorstep. 

Yes, the customer has to pay the additional taxes and duties (to customs) when clearing the merchandise from customs according to the norms of their respective countries. 

We use both air and sea freight. The companies we work with are: BY AIR: DHL, FedEx BY SEA (delivery to the nearest seaport) by different companies.

Yes of course you can customize your order according to your needs, but before placing any such order, please write us at [email protected] & we be happy to offer you best deals for custom offers & combined shipping discounts for multiple purchases.

There is a very rare chance for this to happen, but if you are not completely satisfied with your goods, please do inform us about it & we will try to help you to resolve the matter as soon as possible to make you 100% satisfied with our goods. 

For further information kindly contact us and we will be more than happy to attend to your query.